Q Will wrapping the button areas affect the button sensitivity?

No. That is because our protective is so thin you won’t feel a thing. However, our wraps are very customizable and you may cut out the buttons subject to your preference.

faq1 Q Am I still able to see the button labeling?

Yes, as Cyber Jacket is semi-Transparent.

Visibility will range from 40% - 90% depending on the color of the design.

Q How about those joystick-type buttons? And those big ascending buttons?

faq2We will need to cut it out. Check out the picture.

Q Can I still open my casing after applying?

faq3Yes! Just cut along the casing groove.

Q Will it affect my lens, battery charger sockets and speakers?

faq4All these can be easily customized at customer’s end. Simply cut out along the groove of camera lens, battery charger sockets and speaker vents.