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About Kelab Sukan Tanjung Mahsuri

KSTM, a short call for Kelab Sukan Tanjung Mahsuri, is set up under one committee striving to serve its staff and unfortunate people. Being active all along, it has organized various outdoor activities for the staffs. Among activities are trips, social visitations, tournaments, celebrations of staff birthdays and many more.

Undeniable that through KSTM, staff has built strong rapports among all and thus making Tanjung Mahsuri Sdn Bhd a more aggressive and progressive construction company. Trips to various destinations have brought together staffs and each has got to know more about one another, which leads to the source of our strong teamwork. But of course, we shall never forget our root, to respect the elderly and be grateful to them for what we have become today. This is KSTM’s sole purpose while serving the community.

Event Name Description
Phyllis Caring Home Phyllis Caring Home is a self funded home for senior citizens who have no relatives to take care of them or from poor income group. It was founded by Mdm. Phyllis Nathan almost ten years ago, and it is located in a single storey bungalow in Petaling Jaya.

On 24th September 2005, KSTM has organized a charity activity to Phyllis Caring Home. A total of 40 members had arrived at the home at 10 am to help out the home.

Members of KSTM were there together for one purpose- to express their compassion and generosity for the less fortunate.

So, here are some first hand accounts of our visitation to Phyllis Caring Home.
SPTM Annual Dinner

To be scheduled on date 15 Nov 2005, aim to foster co-operative environment among divisions. Prizes will be sponsored by chairman Mr. Chong Min Hee.

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