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Welcome to Tanjung Mahsuri Sdn Bhd official website.


We will not only contribute towards success of country’s development, we will also contribute to society through care. We care for staff’s health; we care for folks and also children around the country. One charity after another, one tournament after another we hold to keep our people healthy and active. So, together we strive to build a better place for Malaysians; here under one roof, one team, one family, Tanjung Mahsuri Sdn Bhd.

SPTM is a 100% Malaysian contractor, which has built up a strong reputation within Klang Valleys for high quality construction of buildings ranging from Community Centers, Modern Markets, Highways, and large scale infrastructure projects on time and on budget. It has won many awards for technological innovation in the building industry.

SPYTL also undertook the civil engineering construction on the RM30 million Children Community Center in Subang Jaya on schedule and on budget.

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